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As HATTIES, our vision is to deliver relevant education for the 21st century.

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12799101_1257284090967455_5020597377736644081_nWelcome to Bellville Technical High School’s website. As HATTIES, our vision is to deliver relevant education for the 21st century. BTHS has delivered exceptional results since 1972 and is the Alma Mater of thousands of engineers producing solutions to the problems of our country on all levels.

We offer various sport codes as well as cultural activities. Learners are encouraged to participate in these activities as it is our belief that an involved learner is also a happy and balanced learner.

Educators strive towards a 100% pass rate across all grades and believe this goal is attainable, despite the challenges educators and learners face in the current educational milieu. We welcome you to join us.

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The 7 Habits of highly effective teenagers - #ItMakeSense

Thank you to the parents who came to the workshop on Saturday. For those who could not make it, this will give you an idea what it is about.
Interested? We will be running this again in a few months. A special word of thanks to Mr Nel who so brilliantly presented the workshop.

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A BIG Thank you once again to all parents who attended the workshop yesterday! The Leader in Me operates from the paradigm that there is greatness in every home, every child, every parent, and seeks to nurture and optimize that greatness.

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